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  • we advise on the use of the products
  • we inform you about issues of miscibility and compatibility between two lubricants
  • we assist you regarding the compatibility of gaskets
  • we give technical help during conversion operations, in particular for fire-resistant hydraulic fluids (HFC, HFD-U and HFA-E) and biodegradable products.
  • we give best recommendations of lubricants based on technical sheets or on product equivalence
  • we create a greasing plan for your fixed and mobile installations
  • we rationalise your stock of lubricants
  • we optimise your oil-change intervals
  • we calculate the intervals and the quantities of grease for your turnover
  • we assist you in the diagnosis of our oil analyses
  • we assist you in the diagnosis of a breakdown linked to lubrication
  • we support you in the analysis of the lubricant in case of breakage
  • we recommend a lubricant adapted to the conditions of use
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  • characterisation of oils and greases
  • awareness of grease lubrication for first level maintenance
  • oil analyses: choice of a sequence of analysis and sampling method
  • oil analysis: interpretation and diagnosis
  • methods for conversion for biodegradable and fire-resistant oils…

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