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Cleaning and degreasing metals
A range of speciality chemicals for cleaning and degreasing mechanical parts.
  • Chlorine-free A3 solvents
  • Water-based cleaners of ferrous and non-ferrous metals:
    • Acid cleaners
    • Alkali cleaners
  • Cleaning fountains
  • Increase the lifetime of washing baths
  • More concentrated washes, for working at lower concentrations
  • Degreasing with less energy: less heating...
  • Compatibility with the metals to be degreased: stainless steel, steel, cast iron, aluminium
  • Chemical compatibility and good salting-out of soiling, with upstream process lubricants: oils for quenching, cold forming, stamping, machining, drawing, forging
  • Compatibility with water quality: soft, hard with more or less chlorides
  • Compatibility with degreasing installations: single tank, multi-tank, sprinkling, ultrasound, chamber, continuous

  • Quality of degreasing parts: multiple technical criteria taken into account
  • Economic gains: reduction in overall costs
  • Health, Safety and Environmental criteria: free from formaldehyde, boron...