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Constructors / OEM
Original fill lubricants for constructors / Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Producers of bearings, universal joints, mechanical transmissions or locks. Complex thickened greases and very high temperature fluorinated greases.

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  • Lifetime lubrication
  • online lotterys minimising noise, friction coefficients…
  • online lotterys allowing extended lifetime of mechanical and electrical parts, reduction in start-up torque…
  • Lubrication and greasing under constraints: heavy loads, low and high temperature, water resistance, high speed...
  • online lotterys compatible with different materials: steel, aluminium, plastics, elastomers...
  • Very high temperature greases: fluorinatedpolyurea, graphite…
  • Non-flammable greases
  • PTFE, MoS2 greases
  • Complex thickened greases and fluorinated greases
  • Oils and synthetic greases
  • Fire-resistant oils
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  • Producers of bearings, universal joints, mechanical transmissions
  • Producers of construction machinery (booms, lifting equipment, telescopic cranes etc.), household electrical goods (ovens, for example)
  • Automotive industry and its suppliers
  • Bearings, gear reducers, micro-gears, electric motors, chains, rails, universal joints, plain bearings, sealing gaskets, springs, ball and roller bearings, locks...