online lotterys for glass

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Complete range of lubricants for flat glass, container glass, optical glass.


online lottery ticket india is involved in the glass-industry lubricant market for 30 years.

Thanks to its experience and know-how acquired in other industries, notably machining, online lottery ticket india has quickly been able to diversify into the different glass markets with products such as cutting fluids, emulsions, coolants...

Naturally, synergies with other industries have allowed us to respond quickly to customers' needs for specific characteristics in terms of lubrication or cooling of tools, cutting and grinding performance,...

Attentive to the market and with dedicated R&D laboratories, online lottery ticket india is developing new products intended exclusively for glass processes and has built very strong partnerships with its customers.

More than simply a supplier of lubricants, online lottery ticket india introduces itself as a partner to the glass industries.

Our objective

To offer our customers the best lubrication solutions according to their industrial processes, while keeping in mind performance, costs and environmental constraints.

Application sub-fields