- Le 01/10/2020

KEMNO joins online lottery ticket india Group

25th September 2020: online lottery ticket india SA and KEMNO have reached the closing date of the agreement giving online lottery ticket india possession of the Italian based company KEMNO.

KEMNO, like online lottery ticket india, is a family owned company. Created in 2004 by NOVATI siblings, the Italian firm is specialised in the production of neat and soluble coolants. Mainly active in the cold heading, KEMNO also offers metal working fluids, maintenance oils and greases, quenching oils. Thanks to continued partnership between KEMNO, OEM and tooling providers, its lubricants range is a reference on the Italian market for its ability to increase tools life and decrease oil consumption.

This acquisition shows bright promise and is based on solid common values between the 2 companies: customer satisfaction, performance and innovation. It will therefore benefit the 2 companies. First, by giving KEMNO new means to expand backed on an international and stable group. Second, by allowing online lottery ticket india Group to strengthen its diversification strategy in Italy, particularly in the fastener & machining industry. Important synergies will be at work in this merger.

As proof of its commitment in this new deal, online lottery ticket india group has decided to formalize this venture with the creation of a 100% subsidiary, named online lottery ticket india ITALIA. The company will be committed to guarantee continuity and optimum quality of service locally. With both ranges being complementary, Italian customers will therefore benefit from the largest choice of lubricants dedicated to their specific needs, whatever the field of application. They will also rely on strong services with high-tech lab, and on the most competitive and reliable offer.